Campexo Fruit Business Card

Kevin Ruda designed these business cards for Campexo, an exotic fruit brand from Colombia.

Campexo, the flavour that connects the world, wanted a visual identity that can expand the Colombian culture around the world, expressed through the natural flavours (colours, shapes and landscapes) of the fruits and vegetables found in each Colombian region. Therefore, it’s essential to incorporate these ideas into the visual identity.

Explaining the source of his inspirations, Kevin said, “The inspiration for the logo was the Colombian identity (in the form of a fingerprint) and the unique landscapes of our country – mountains and the sun. The card design, however, was inspired by the natural diversity of Colombia, between animals, plants and fruits.”

These business cards were printed on a thick white cardboard. The entire brand identity is vibrant and full of life, thanks to the colourful palette and eye-catching illustrations. For the front design, the enlarged typography for the name and its striking background colour are great for that memorable first impression! Different colour versions were created to express the brand’s love for their products while making the cards look great to the prospects as well.

Designed by Kevin Ruda at Lebrand Studio

For Campexo

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