Camaieu Restaurant Business Card

Camaieu business cards

Andrea Khoury designed these business cards for Camaieu, an elegant, modern artistic restaurant located in Beirut, Lebanon.

“The owner wanted an artistic feel to the whole concept. The brand name, Camaieu, is a known technique in painting, in which I added fine strokes and beautifully coloured dots to give the business card an artsy, elegant and minimalist feel.”

(Note: Camaieu is a style of painting technique that uses two or three tints of a single colour to create a monochromatic image.)

Camaieu logo


According to Andrea, the logo was designed to convey the restaurant’s sophistication and ever-changing artistic nature.

“The inspiration behind the logo was art techniques in general, since the restaurant’s main idea was the art of plating – serving food in an artistic manner,” Andrea said.

The typeface used for the logotype is called Didot (bold). As for the colour palette, it was a mix of monotone earthy colours, with a touch of bright hues.

“I decided to create more than one design for the business cards (some with die cuts, some more colourful than others) because Camaieu’s concept was an ever changing one. I thought I could portray that by designing more than one kind of business card.”

Camaieu business card2Camaieu business card

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “They would be printed on textured matte card stock – a 48pt triple layer card – with die cut or laser-cutting.”

“A triple layer card stock would be perfect for this luxury brand. Due to some designs including die-cuts, a triple layer card would look best because this helps us achieve clean cuts, in addition to deep impressions and an array of textures and colours, because this is what we’re going for,” Andrea said.

Camaieu business card3

Camaieu coastersCamaieu coasters2Camaieu jar2Camaieu menu
Camaieu platesCamaieu logo2

Designed by Andrea Khoury

For Camaieu

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