C N Millinery Hat Designer Business Card

C N Millinery business card

Mike Knapek designed these business cards for Connie Norton Millinery, a hat designer specializing in handmade women’s hats and headpieces for weddings and social events.

Speaking of the classy logo and pattern design, Mike said, “A classic monogram design that gives a feeling of heritage, elegance and sophistication. I designed the custom pattern on the card to give the card a beautiful embossed look that would complement the monogram design.”

C N Millinery logoC N Millinery businesscard

The gold and black combination is a clever choice to showcase premium and elegance. Not to mention, the gold and silver foil are a perfect match for the logo as well! The typography used in the project are Alice Regular and Montserrat.

These business cards are not printed. According to Mike, “This is a concept presentation. The print finishes and presentation is an experimental mockup and the final identity may differ. The client went with a different colour scheme in the end but I wanted to present this card and branding as originally imagined.”


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C N Millinery stationery2 C N Millinery stationery CN Millinery box

Designed by Mike Knapek

For C N Millinery

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