Byerlee Graphic Designer Business Card

Byerlee Design business cards

David Byerlee designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer and art director based in Australia.

This is actually a redesign version of David’s previous business card: it was printed on Colorplan ‘Frost White’ 350gsm, with blind emboss and 1-colour (black) print.

“The previous card was great, but white is extremely unforgiving with scuff marks,” David said.

“The new cards were a conscious shift in order to create a more premium appeal while also adding a sense of clean minimalism.”

Not to mention, the new logo is custom-made and is extremely legible!

The new business card design also keeps the minimalist style and monochrome colour palette, but with a twist – it’s mainly black and looks super sleek.

Byerlee Design logo

“I’m a big believer in avoiding over complication is key,” David said.

“Being a brand/design studio, my business needs to be portrayed in a neutral manner to avoid judgement from a diverse range of new prospects.”

“But the new business card execution still acknowledges design flair.”

“This notion is very valid across all brand touch points (logo, website etc.), but a business card is always instantly judged and scrutinized by clients when you hand it to them.”

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“The sleeker, the better. The shift to ultra-thick 600gsm stock is also a great talking point.”

Stitch Press, a Melbourne-based printing company, printed these business cards on heavy 600gsm black cardstock with white foil.


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Byerlee Design business cardByerlee Design business card2

Designed by David Byerlee Design

Printer by Stitch Press

For David Byerlee personal branding

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