Butter Dot Ice Cream Business Card

Butter Dot business card

Vighnesh Dudani designed these business cards for Butter Dot, an ice cream brand.

“Ice cream is a dessert that enjoyed by the entire family together. The objective was to create a fun branding that’s attractive to people of all age groups,” Vighnesh said.

“The overall design was made to stand out from the existing brands yet not seem overly whimsical such that people see it as something too premium and not affordable.”

Butter Dot signboard

The Brand Name & Striped Pattern

The brand name, Butter Dot, was chosen to reflect on the smoothness that comes with the hand-churned ice cream. That along to keep a classic, fun yet elegant vibe that inspired the logo design.

According to Vignesh, the main logo is a custom typeface. The ‘O’ was made that way intentionally to symbolize a butter curl and also the shape of a scoop of ice cream.

Butter Dot logo
The packaging is designed to convey a playful yet confident feel, something that will appeal to both children and adults.

“When you speak of a family enjoying together, some places that come to mind are carnivals, picnic etc. The red and white striped pattern is a common design element that is a classic, often found in these places. Also, it was the go-to design for the ice cream trucks/cycles in a certain era.”


Butter Dot packaging
“Taking inspiration from this, the striped pattern was chosen for Butter Dot to create a product that’s not about health or being vegan or any of the new generation of ice creams, but simply a product to be enjoyed innocently by all together!”

Butter Dot packaging_1Butter Dot packaging_2
The striped pattern can be found on the business card design as well, creating a fun background for the logotype. The typography used in the card design is Comfortaa.

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These business cards are to be printed on 300gsm textured matte paper to give the brand a quality feel.

Butter Dot business card_backButter Dot business card_frontButter Dot packaging_4Butter Dot packaging_3

Designed by Vighnesh Dudani

For Butter Dot

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