Built Architects Business Card

Mayra Monobe designed these business cards for Built Architects, a small Architecture office in Barcelona.

“Built’s concepts are mainly focused on the paradigm of form following function in the spaces they create. This was a starting point for the logo: the letters ‘ui’ in Built were combined; the form became aesthetically pleasing and the idea of eliminating what’s not needed was coherent with their thinking process of work. Everything else was thought to be minimalist but organized. The main focus was on finishes and papers, making a reference to different materials and quality of finishes in their practice,” Mayra said.


These monochrome business cards were printed by Gràfiko in Barcelona. According to Mayra, the paper chosen was a thick offset paper with a little bit of texture. The logo was stamped with black foil on the paper in order to obtain a special texture for the logo over the offset paper.

It’s a clean, simple design that pleases the eye, as Da Vinci put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Designed by Mayra Monobe

Printed by Gràfiko

For Built Architects

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