Briana Rae Graphic Designer Business Card

Briana Rae business cards

Briana Rae Designs designed these business cards as part of her personal branding as a freelance graphic designer who specialises in branding, colourful art, minimal designs, wedding stationery and everything in between!

Briana offers a wide range of creative services, and all of her designs can be customised and tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. This includes colour changes, different fonts, size adjustments and personalizations.

Briana’s business card has a tropical feel to it because of the palm tree. Explaining the concept behind her logo design, Briana said, “I really wanted my logo to represent who I am, my personal style, and what I love because this is the type of design I want to offer my clients – a true representation of authenticity,” Briana said.

Briana Rae Designs logo

“I am someone who lives for warm weather and has moved several times to chase the sunshine (my true happiness), so I felt it was only right to include a palm tree in my logo – plus, they are just too cute!”

“As for the colour palette, I love the aesthetics of neutrals, but I also have a bubbly personality, so I thought the mix of the pink, brown, and cream colours was the perfect combination of keeping with the neutral tones and more saturated colours.”

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The typefaces used on the business card design are Aqila and Kiona Regular. When Briana discovered the Aqila font, she fell in love with it and knew she had to use it in her logo. The Kiona font is also a favourite of hers because of its simplicity and legibility.

These business cards were printed by Vistaprint using textured uncoated paper.

Briana Rae business card_frontBriana Rae business card_backBriana Rae branding

Designed by Briana Rae Designs

Printed by Vistaprint

For Briana Rae Designs

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