Boustan Magdy Handmade Flower Business Card

boustan businesscard

Kareem Magdi designed these business cards for Boustan Magdy who specializes in making custom handmade paper flower decorations for engagements and weddings.

“Boustan wanted the overall mood and vibe of her brand to feel modern and feminine while being minimal and elegant. So, I went with earthy colour tones and an organic floral mark to emphasize her brand’s personality and the origin of her beautiful artworks,” Kareem said.

boustan business cards


Speaking of the design process, “I started sketching all the ideas on paper and leave the computer till the last phase for executing the logo digitally. Drawing with pencil in the beginning, allows you to throw as many ideas as possible without limitations.”

Kareem used a more modern typographic approach to fit the brand’s vibe and mood, and also a perfect match to the floral illustration to express an elegant and delicate image.

These business cards were printed via hot stamping method with copper foil on Boustan’s logo.


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Boustan stationery and logoBoustan logoBoustan business cards and envelope

Boustan stationeryBoustan branding and bag

Designed by Kareem Magdi

For Boustan Magdy

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