Botanic Lane Florist Business Card

Botanic Lane business cards

Jodric designed these business cards for Botanic Lane, a boutique floral shop dedicatedly nurtured in the UK and proudly made in Saigon.

Botanic Lane provides rich selections of carefully curated fresh flowers, indoor plants, collections for home and office.

Botanic Lane_03

“Botanic Lane brings beauty and joy to customers through the green and diversity of flora like a natural therapy. The brand embraces minimalism since perfection can be achieved when there’s nothing left to take away,” said Nguyen Thi My Dung, the Creative Associate at Jodric.

“Therefore, we decided to make the visual identity simple, presented by circles – a symbol of perfection.”

Botanic Lane logoBotanic Lane business card_back

The business card is designed to express elegance with natural and simplicity in mind. The square layout makes the card stand out from regular ones while at the same time, accommodate the logo and contact details beautifully. And that’s not all.

“About the card’s square layout, the shop owner wanted the card to be accompanied by the pot of flora as a tiny tag of information. Then, the customer or the receiver can keep it for future contact or ordering.”

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, “We’d recommend to emboss the logo on textured paper for the name card, so that the receiver can feel it lively. Everything in nature has its own texture,” Nguyen suggested.

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Botanic Lane business cardBotanic Lane Card_2Botanic Lane Card_3Botanic Lane Card_1Botanic Lane_7 Botanic Lane_6 Botanic Lane_5 Botanic Lane_4

Botanic Lane_8 Botanic Lane_04Botanic Lane_02 Botanic Lane_01

Designed by Jodric

For Botanic Lane

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