Bonhomie Branding Business Card

Maria Pineda designed these business cards for her studio Bonhomie Branding based in Bogotá, Colombia.

“This project was developed as an inside branding project for our brand, Bonhomie Branding,” Maria said.

“The main goal of this branding project was to create a visual identity powerful and attractive enough so that clients would be drawn to our work from the very first moment of contact.”

Bonhomie stationery

“The challenge was to choose sober but playful colours that best depict our values as a creative studio. The fonts chosen show elegance and a great taste, which are the main characteristics our clients value.”

“The design inspiration was taken, surprisingly enough, from the bold colours seen on various dishes on different gastronomic tours around Bogotá. The logotype has a hint of a wave at the bottom that cuts through the letters, showing simplicity but also flexibility.”

Bonhomie logo
“These cards have a rough texture given the material used: Bristol. The technique used was a simple emboss on the front logo to give it a little more to the touch. We wanted to use our entire colour palette for our business cards so four different types were printed,” Maria said.

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These business cards were printed by a local printing company called Art Graphic.

Bonhomie stationery pattern

Designed by Maria Pineda at Bonhomie Branding

Printed by Art Graphic

For Bonhomie Branding

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