BNCO Design Studio Business Card

Yohanna Etchemendy designed these business cards for BNCO Studio, her personal studio based in Argentina.

“Designing for yourself and your studio is always hard. You want it to be the best design, and at the same time you don’t always know when to stop iterating. So for my design inspirations, I dug around clean and minimal card styles,” Yohanna said.

“I’ve always been into geometry and I really wanted it to be part of the studio’s brand. My goal was to get back to the basic shapes and also being able to create a whole lot with little elements.”

These business cards were printed by MOO. According to Yohanna, “Their finishes are always smooth and lovable. At the same time, they ship worldwide and the packages arrive fast.”

“These are just plain matte coated cards. They weigh about 300grams, double sided with four colors. I’m looking forward to my next order, so maybe we can get bolder and ask for some with gold foil on them.” We can’t wait to see that too!

Designed by Yohanna Etchemendy

Printed by MOO


For BNCO Studio

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