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Deivis Vieira designed these business cards for Arielson Blasius, an architect and interior designer based in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Blasius specializes in residential, commercial and corporate architectural projects. Through architecture, the brand seeks to transform the way of life through spaces, organization and design.

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Logo Design

From the logo, it’s clear to see that a special modification was made to the letter ‘A’ in the brand name, Blasius. According to Deivis, the business card is designed to express the modern and timeless way of working offered by the company.

“The logo was inspired by the shape of an architectural icon, the Arc de Triomphe.” (Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, France.)

“The visual support, on the other hand, was born from flat symmetrical shapes used as a basis in architecture (e.g. circle, square, rectangle and triangle).”
Blasius logo constructionBlasius logo

Typography & Colours

The typography used in the visual identity was inspired by the Qanelas font.

Explaining the inspirations behind the brand’s colour palette, Deivis said, “Blue and grey are colours that are very present in everyday life, in different parts of the world. It can effectively translate the search for ‘a life from a new angle’, which is one of the company’s proposals.”

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“Apart from that, red colour has the function of bringing energy to spaces and raising self-esteem.”

These business cards were printed on 300gsm coated material with matte lamination.

Blasius business cardsBlasius stationeryBlasius card and notebookBlasius letterhead Blasius fileBlasius envelopesBlasius_2Blasius poster

Designed by Deivis Vieira

For Arielson Blasius

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