BK Marketing Business Card

Camille Scheemaecker designed these business cards for BK Marketing, a consultation agency owned by Miriam Benkirane. It offers digital marketing services for small and medium businesses.

Miriam approached Camille for the branding project. According to Camille, “Miriam wanted something big and bold, not too finesse. She wanted an identity that had punch and personality, just like her. So we opted for sans-serif, well-anchored fonts. Straight and strong forms that represent Miriam’s dedication, seriousness and integrity in her work.”

BK Marketing logo
“The colour palette used in the visual identity needed to be appealing to both men and women. We also created a slightly funkier and dynamic pattern to represent the fact that Miriam is a professional who also likes to not take herself too seriously, despite the involvement she has in her work. Miriam is someone who made me laugh and we had fun during our meetings. I wanted to represent that in the pattern – small pieces of funkiness in a solid and upright universe,” Camille said.

These business cards were printed by Zoom Impresssion via a regular CMYK print on uncoated paper.

Designed by Camille Scheemaecker at Schmak Design

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Printed by Zoom Impresssion

For BK Marketing

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