Bikeovo Toy Store Business Card

Bikeovo business cards

AguWu designed these business cards for Bikeovo, a Polish toys and sport accessories store for kids in Wroclaw, Poland.

AguWu managed the rebranding project including designing the brand’s logo, character, pattern, illustrations, packaging, social media materials and more.

Bikeovo logo

Bikeovo mascot

“The idea of the project was to create a playful character that’s not too childish that could be a guide for the parents in the shop, and at the same time be the kids’ best friend,” AguWu said.

“I also designed a versatile pattern and bright colour palette to be used on Bikeovo’s website, social media and printed materials. The base for the letters was Georgia Bold Italic and it was modified in reference to the logo shape.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, AguWu envisioned them to be printed on white cotton paper with spot UV varnish highlights.

Bikeovo business cardsBikeovo mascot3

Bikeovo Wrapped GiftBikeovo patternBikeovo mugBikeovo logo1
Bikeovo backpackBikeovo mascot2Bikeovo brandingBikeovo box with tape

Designed by AguWu

For Bikeovo

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