Bien Design Studio Business Card

Filip Pomykalo designed these business cards for Bien Studio, a design studio based in Zagreb, Croatia.

“Bien is a design studio dedicated to giving digital products a thought-out and an intentional user experience, but most of all it is a studio made up of super nice people. Hence the inspiration for the visual identity, Filip wanted to create a friendly and approachable language which expresses the openness of the crew. The ‘it’s all good’ symbol, the Bien logo, and a strong use of the bright green colour communicate the ethos of the Bien brand, and it is all about having a good time while developing successful work,” said Luka Peric, the Co-Founder and Designer of Bien Studio.

“The same goes for the business cards, the open and playful layout of the information leave space in the middle of the card for the Bien logo as the centrepiece of the identity and the studio’s philosophy itself.”

These business card were printed on a thick matte cotton paper without a finish to maintain the warm and soft feel of the medium. The matt inkjet coating features a vibrant but natural colour, complimenting the features Bien studio is all about – its friendliness and approachability.

Designed by Filip Pomykalo

Printed by Kvik Print

For Bien Studio

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