Bibeloty Advertising Agency Business Card

Bibeloty business card

Paula Matczak designed these business cards for Bibeloty, an advertising agency based in Poland.

Bibeloty is in charge of the client’s advertising and design process for the gadgets. The company’s values are innovation, creativity and ingenuity.

“The main objective was to incorporate the new brand identity into the existing logo. The design needs to make the company stand out, and there’s nothing better than using contrasting colours, which is what I prefer,” Paula said.

Bibeloty business cards



Colours & Shapes

Bibeloty’s business cards come in three versions, each with a difference in the composition of shapes and colours.

“The company had previously used a white logo on a black background on their brand material and didn’t want to lose that. Therefore, I created shapes and colours that blend well with black and white, and complement each other perfectly,” Paula said.

During the design process, Paula thought she needed something that worked like Lego, a set of shapes that are both interesting on their own and can work well together.

Bibeloty business cards_1Bibeloty business cards_2

Bibeloty has five distinct closed and round shapes that can be differentiated in a number of ways. Many different compositions can be made through the rotating, scaling and changing colours of these shapes, and they all represent the company.

The typeface used in the visual identity is Poppins Family. Bibeloty uses the three primary colours in their colour palette: red, yellow and blue, along with monochromatic colours (black and white). The only exception is the use of pink as the secondary colour. It works like glue, with the main task being to balance and break down the intensity of basic colours.

These business cards were printed on 200gsm matt paper.

Bibeloty business card_3

Bibeloty stationery Bibeloty posterBibeloty posters  Bibeloty tote bag

Designed by Paula Matczak

For Bibeloty

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