Beyond Well Accessories Business Card

Andi Leibowitz designed these business cards for Beyond Well, a company that sells quirky, playful, and well-designed accessories.

Speaking of this personal project of hers, Andi said, “It’s also a passion project that I started a few months after I graduated from college. I was feeling creatively stifled in my full-time job, and I had a few illustrations that I had started in school but hadn’t taken been able to work into projects at the time.”


“The business cards include a variety of colours to add to the playful aspect of the brand, and they also comprise all of the colors that the brand uses. Because the products are all illustrative, I wanted the branding to contrast that by being completely typographic.” And the result is superb!

These business cards were printed on 16 pt. gloss paper by MOO.


Designed by Andi Leibowitz

Printed by MOO

For Beyond Well

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