Betty’s Cabin Hair Stylist Business Card

EK Design designed these business cards for Betty’s Cabin, a Melksham-based hair studio run by Beth, a hair dresser.

“Beth runs her business from her home. She is a female business owner creating dream hair for her female clients,” said Erin, the Founder of EK Design.

According to Erin, the business cards were created as part of the rebranding project for Betty’s Cabin, which also featured a new logo design.

“Beth wanted to go with something pink, modern and quite simple. For the business cards, we decided to go with a multi-use card where it could also be used as an appointment card to save the need of having two different cards.” Good idea!

Betty's Cabin brandingBetty's Cabin logo

The typeface used for the logotype is called Nevrada Neue – it’s stylish, chic and glamorous!

“From the moment I saw it, I knew it would be perfect to use. I feel it looks really feminine and modern, which fits in with the brand.”


As for the brand’s colour palette, “The pink colour was taken from Beth’s flower wall that she has in her salon. It’s such a pretty candy pink shade!”

EK Design handled the card-printing for Betty’s Cabin as part of their branding service for clients.

Sharing the printing details, Erin said, “These business cards were printed double sided onto a 350gsm silk card stock. This gives the card a luxurious feel with the thickness. At the same time, the silk finish gives a slight shine to the pink colour and the text.”

Betty's Cabin business cards2Betty's Cabin business card

Designed by EK Design

For Betty’s Cabin

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