Benten Graphic Design Business Card

Benten Design made these business cards for their corporate branding as a purpose-led designing agency focused on the greater good.

Benten Design was looking to overhaul their minimalist brand in favor of a bright, unique, and flexible brand identity that would provide differentiation from other agencies of its size while also communicating their passion of creating meaningful brands for purpose-led companies.

“Our new logo symbolizes elevated and high-quality design, while retaining the clean and simple design that we are known for,” said Benten Woodring, the owner of Benten Design.


“Our brand identity incorporates layers of bright shapes and color, symbolic of the creative partnership we have with each of our clients. Each element, while independent of one other, work in tandem to create a unique and cohesive brand that is greater than the sum of its parts, similar to the relationships we have with our clients.”

These vibrantly coloured business cards are super eye-catching and they were printed by MOO using standard size Luxe cardstock.

Designed by Benten Design

Printed by MOO

For Benten Design corporate branding

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