Bendita Food Business Card

Bendita business card

Jaqueline Zanini designed these business cards for Bendita Food, a nutritious lunch box brand.

“The brand Bendita Food was inspired from a nutritional re-education that the founder of the brand was receiving due to health reasons. With the success of the recipes, she started selling fit lunchboxes, in addition to, of course, her passion for cooking,” Jaqueline said.

“She started to promote the fit lunchboxes on Instagram, apart from incorporating other works such as coffee break and cocktails. The client felt the need to have a visual identity to position her brand in the market and stand out even more, so this branding project was born.”

Bendita Food lunch boxes

Bendita Food logo

The business card is designed to express a natural vibe. By using dark green as the background colour, it gives room for the logo to shine through, including other foliage (and a nice little heart) illustrations.

According to Jaqueline, the colour palette, typography, illustrations and stickers were all created to convey lightness and the joy of eating well.

“The colours were designed to convey a feeling of lightness. We used illustrations of foliage to refer to the healthy food while the modern typography – rounded and sans serifs – brings a friendly and fun footprint.”

Bendita Food has a unique logotype with the letters stacking together. When asked about the inspiration behind it, Jaqueline replied. “I used the Gilroy extrabold font for the logotype. The reason to create this style of layout is to keep only ONE version of the logo as the client didn’t want any more variations. So, I created one that could adapt to various formats (such as the instagram profile) without losing legibility.”

These business cards have not been printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on quality paper, with legible typography and a good design,” Jaqueline said.

Bendita Food business cardsBendita Food stationery

Bendita Food logos Bendita Food packaging

Designed by Jaqueline Zanini

For Bendita Food

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