Bellora Beauty & Skincare Business Card

TC Creatives Branding & Design Studio designed these business cards for Bellora, a luxury beauty and skincare startup.

TC Creatives built a full branding system and packaging design for the company that had rich colors and rose gold accents. Custom marble textures were created for Bellora’s products, including a feminine but bold color palette. The business cards embodied both luxury and integrity of the brand. Also, the clutter-free design made all the difference by leaving enough negative space on both sides to let the brand name and contact info shines through. The shiny, little heart-shaped symbols enhanced the appearance further, making the card look elegant and timeless!

These business cards were printed by 4over, with a silk finish and a foil overlay.

Designed by TC Creatives

Printed by 4over LLC

For Bellora

Business Card Printing
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