Bellora Beauty & Skincare Business Card

Bellora business cards1

TC Creatives Branding & Design Studio designed these business cards for Bellora, a luxury beauty and skincare startup.

TC Creatives built a full branding system and packaging design for the company that had rich colours and rose gold accents. Custom marble textures were created for Bellora’s products, including a feminine but bold colour palette.

Bellora logo1


To create a loving and luxurious tone, TC Creatives used heart elements in the ‘a’ of the wordmark and mirrored that shape into the icon.

The business cards embodied both luxury and integrity of the brand. Also, the clutter-free design made all the difference by leaving enough negative space on both sides to let the brand name and contact info shines through.

All the shiny, little heart-shaped symbols enhanced the appearance further, making the business cards look elegant and timeless!

These business cards were printed by 4over, with a silk finish and a foil overlay.

Bellora business cards1Bellora products

Bellora Shopping Bag2Bellora Shopping Bag

Designed by TC Creatives

Printed by 4over LLC

For Bellora

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