Bedont Ice Cream Shop Business Card

Bedont business card

Claudia Alexandrino designed these business cards for Bedont, an ice cream shop in Italy.

Since 1921, Bedont has meant ‘quality in ice cream’ for Brescia, Italy. Almost a hundred years have passed since then and the third generation of Artigiani Gelatieri Roberto Bedont carries on the tradition of Belluno ice cream in the same spirit as always. A great family tradition that continues and is renewed.

Bedont ice cream logo

Bedont ice cream cone and scoops
“The ice-cream shop, Bedont was founded in 1921 with the intuition of offering a quality product to Italian know-how,” Claudia said. “The language used in communication, speaks to the customer creating engagement with a brand, establishing a lasting relationship.”

“Bedont’s brand must speak in a direct, simple way through images and menu boards. The message of a fresh product prepared with quality products and mastery of traditional recipes must be clear.”

Bedont custom typefaceBedont ice cream branding


Explaining more about the concept and colours used in the visual identity, she continued “Tradition and innovation are the double messages that underlie this project. Therefore, the graphic concept started with the texture of the ice cream that is divided into two levels to express this double meaning – tradition and innovation. The colours are based on the ice cream flavours to create a light palette and that can be different when used in various communication materials.”

Bedont logoBedont ice cream containersBedont colour paletteBedont ice cream packaging


These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would have them printed on uncoated, 300g of recycled paper with the logo embossed,” Claudia suggested.

An excellent use of colour combinations to create a cool and stylish brand image not limiting to just the business cards but the packaging designs as well!

Bedont business cardsBedont stationeryBedont ice cream menuBedont bag

Bedont boxesBedont billboard

Designed by Claudia Alexandrino

For Bedont

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