Bar Palco Business Card

Valery Lemay & Véronique Lafortune designed these business cards for Bar Palco, a bar owned by Marc-Antoine Coulombe and Isabelle Corriveau in Montreal, Quebec.

Bar Palco is more than a simple neighbourhood bar; it’s a place to mingle and to celebrate in a rich atmosphere, always pleasant for good conversation.

“The mandate was simple and well defined, Marc-Antoine and Isabelle wanted to create a vibrant Identity that reflects a classic, energetic, fun with a modern twist mood. Valery Lemay was mandated to create a unique collage, something fun, a little theatrical, full of life and excitement,” said Véronique Lafortune, the Art Director of Le Billyclub.

These business cards were printed by MOO using 19pt soft touch finish paper; added with spot gloss printing effect that brings the cards to life!

Designed by Valery Lemay & Véronique Lafortune for Le Billyclub

Printed by MOO

For Bar Palco

Business Card Printing
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