Bailey Harper Bakery Business Card

Bailey Harper business card1

Karen Cabral designed these business cards for Bailey Harper, a bakery based in Utah.

According to Karen, her client, Bailey, is a mother who bakes and resides in Utah.

Speaking of the design concept, she said, “We went for a super minimal and elegant vibe. The type resembles Bailey’s personality which is fun and unique yet elegant.”

Bailey Harper logoBailey Harper business cards

The typography used in the visual identity is a tweaked version of a typeface called Losta.

As for the colour palette, the brand used a little dusty pink and white. The end result is a simple, minimalist yet graceful design.

These business cards were printed on 300gsm paper stock with matte finish by A to Z.


Bailey Harper business card2Bailey Harper card and menu

Designed by Karen Cabral

Printed by A to Z

For Bailey Harper

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