Baby Company Inc. Business Development Business Card

baby company inc business card_1

Hiroto Nagai designed these business cards for Baby Company Inc., an integrated business development company established in US.

Designed with the concept of “connecting” in mind, the company logo expressed the launching of new businesses while reflecting Japanese culture overseas.

The horizontal lines of the produced logo vary according to the medium – either on a vertical or a horizontal business card.

They adapt well in all types of design medium, while being able to visually represent corporate growth and attitude of business success.

The overall design is simple and elegant with all the necessary information on a little piece of paper.

Black and white business cards have proven to be a favorite for many and such great contrast projects sophistication and professionalism – in which you may opt for white typeface on a black background or vice versa.


These business cards were offset printed by Graphic Corporation. The paper type used is Vannuvo V White <235 kg>.

Designed by Hiroto Nagai (atooshi)

Printed by Graphic Corporation.

For Baby Company Inc.

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