Aysu Güneş Lawyer Business Card

Taner Ardali designed these business cards for Aysu Güneş, an independent lawyer based in Istanbul.

“Aysu is a very talented lawyer. Before the design process, I had a chance to talk with her about her job and her style as a lawyer. She told me about her art of defense and how it is related to the moment and speech. After that, when I started to think about the visual concept, the idea of the logo appeared in my mind,” Taner said.


Aysu’s brand logo is represented by a natural combination of the letter ‘a’ and a quote sign – a wonderful way to reflect her style of defense (creative speech) and her elegant characteristic. Plus, it’s a clever way to keep things minimal yet striking (red colour) at the same time.

These business cards were printed by Duru Ofset in İstanbul. “We decided to use two different papers and we glued them together to form a duplexed card. The one on the back has a debossed effect on the paper.”

If you observe closely, the blind debossed actually reveals the tagline “play smart” right at the center of the card. Now that’s a memorable impression!

Designed by Taner Ardali

Printed by Duru Ofset

For Aysu Güneş

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