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Avtaar Dhalliwal designed these business cards for Avt’s Design Co., his very own freelance design practice.

Designing own business cards has always been a challenging subject for fellow designers. The process can be quite struggling as often times, designers are their very own harshest critics.

The same goes with Avtaar, after countless attempts he was able to put everything together and create something that reflects what he values as a graphic designer: simplicity, single-minded design and an emphasis on type.

Avt’s Design businesscard_2

The overall business card design exudes style and professionalism, thanks to the unique typeface and stark contrast of black/white!

“The predominant design element is a custom font called Ransom Display, designed specifically for the use in my visual identity,” Avtaar said.

“It’s a representative of the style of design I love and the style of work I love to produce.”

These business cards were printed by Inktank Printing, a printing company in California, United States.

The cards were printed on 700gsm natural textured black paper stock using white ink printing.


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Avt’s Design Co business cardAvt’s Design businesscard_1Avt’s Design_Ransom DisplayAvt’s Design portfoliocustom typeface

Designed by Avtaar Dhalliwal

Printed by Inktank Printing

For Avt’s Design Co. (personal branding)

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