Aurora Fashion Business Card

Aurora business cards

Studio Krista designed these business cards for Aurora, a sustainable fashion brand based in Los Angeles.

According to Krista, the goal of the design was to create a unique brand identity that was both modern and edgy.

“Aurora wanted something that was simple and sleek, but eye-catching; fiery, confident and luxurious. Something that their customers would resonate with,” Krista explained.


Typography and Colour Palette

Despite its simplicity, the business card design captures the essence of the brand while exhibiting a bold and elegant aesthetic.

There are also striking components in the business card design, such as a contrast of black and white on one side, and a large, stylish typographic submark ‘A’ on the other.

The typeface used in the visual identity is called Avander (by Muntab Art).

“For the colour palette, I wanted to really pull it back by using only four colours: white, off-white, black, and a subtle sage green.”

“The idea was to represent Aurora’s sustainable element.”

The client was responsible for printing their own business cards.

When it comes to printing, Krista suggested that the brand’s submark – the letter ‘A’ – be embossed on the business card.

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Designed by Studio Krista

For Aurora

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