Aurora Swimwear Business Card

Aurora Business Cards

Anastasia Salmanova designed these business cards for Aurora, a Scandinavian swimwear store.

Aurora is a Norwegian brand created by woman for women. Its collection of women’s surf clothing includes swimsuits, bikinis, boardshorts, pro rashguards and beach-ready apparels from a huge range of special clothing collections.

“Aurora’s range of women’s surf wear is designed with all women in mind. They’ve created swimsuits with the best technical innovations, and in body-positive sizes for every woman ranging from XS to XXL. Aurora’s surfer style swimsuits and bikinis are made from recycled plastic water bottles to help us reach our goal of a new future in women’s recycled eco swimwear,” Anastasia said.

When asked about the design inspiration, Anastasia replied, “Aurora brand was inspired by famous Norwegian black sand beaches and Aurora Borealis. You can feel the Norwegian vibe by wearing Aurora’s swimsuits.”

Aurora logotype

Aurora logomark

The typography used in the visual identity was custom-made but Anastasia was inspired by BD Colonius Regular font and marine theme of the brand.

“Because if you look at ‘aurora’ attentively, you can notice that the letter ‘a’ reminds of a fish. ‘a’ makes the logomark as well. The logo has smooth and gentle shapes that represents the woman’s body and fluentness of waves,” she explained.

“Blue is used for the colour palette which symbolizes water. Also, the main idea is that the brand uses holographic gradients and foil to show the shine of the water (and to show Aurora Borealis’s light from which the brand was inspired as well).”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I think the cards would look and feel great if they were printed on Keaykolour Royal Blue paper and holographic foil, completed with embossing as well,” Anastasia suggested.

Aurora Business CardsAurora Stickers

Aurora BagAurora TagsAurora BagsAurora Swimsuit logo

Designed by Anastasia Salmanova

For Aurora

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