Atelier Business Card

Washington Teran designed these business cards for Atelier, a boutique shop in France that sells linen dresses and accessories.

“The dresses are loose and simple but they are very fashionable and luxurious. So, I knew ‘elegance’ is something to keep in mind,” Washington said, “The client also added that they wanted to appeal to younger generation. Therefore, it was kind of challenging giving the fact that the brand’s actual clients were from an older generation.”

However, Washington was able to come up with a contemporary and stylish logo after putting a lot of thought into the text and iconography of the brand. “I wanted something to go along with linen dress. Line art and rough sketches bring that to life!”

Washington was right. Whether it’s the illustration or the welcoming warm colour selections, the business card design is impressive enough to get people look twice.

When asked about the printing suggestion for the card, Washington replied, “I suggested the client to go with a premium linen with a 13 pt weight – it has that woven texture which gives the card a vintage and elegant look. Also, it’s easy to print with colours.”


Designed by Washington Teran

For Atelier (Marie Neel)

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