Aspen Business Card


Polina Leonova designed these business cards for Aspen, a natural soy wax candle brand based in London.

“Aspen has a great rate of customer loyalty as it has been operating on the market since 1988,” Polina said.

Speaking of the brand image, she continued, “The brand identity can be described by words as follows: sophisticated and laid-back at the same time; leading into the world of coziness and calmness, revealing the magic of night time when all you need is to relax and light your favourite candle. Besides, the brand stands for safety and uses organic & certified ingredients.”

Aspen branding_2


Polina’s main inspiration was the art style called engraving. “It’s a picture or design printed on paper from hard, usually metal, surface,” she explained.

“Ancient engravings usually refer to astrology theme and the world of stars, planets. They usually anthropomorphized the Moon and the Sun, making them divine guardians of human sleep and dreams. This is where the whole concept comes from — I wanted to picture night sky in detail as if it were an engraving.”

The typography used for the visual identity including Engravers MT (for Aspen’s logotype) and Affect (for the remaining texts in business cards, packaging, tags etc). The business card design uses mainly black and white to match the astronomy theme of the brand.

When it comes to card-printing, Polina suggested, “The paper wouldn’t be flawless with perfectly laminated surface. On the contrary, it should reflect the texture of space and stars’ surface, while expressing the candles’ coziness as well.”

Aspen_BusinessCard_1Aspen branding_5

Aspen branding_6Aspen branding_1Aspen candle_1 Aspen packaging

Designed by Polina Leonova

For Aspen

Business Card Printing
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