Asena Dirik Graphic Designer Business Card

Asena Dirik designed these business cards for her own design workshop based in Turkey.

Speaking of the design inspiration for her logo, Asena said, “The logo includes uppercase ‘A’ and lowercase ‘d’. The logo consists of a sleeping face vector between uppercase letters ‘A’ and lowercase ‘d’.”

Asena Dirik Logo
Apart from that, the yellow pattern on the back design is equally striking. Asena explained, “The pattern on the back of the card is the letter ‘A’ in the Dalmatian Font I designed. The yellow pattern is actually yellow letter ‘A’s.”

These business cards were printed on 400g matte coated paper with a matte cellophane coating by Matbaafix. Partial lacquer was applied to the logo.

Asena Dirik Asena Dirik

Designed by Asena Dirik

Printed by Matbaafix

For Asena Dirik personal branding


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