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A Paper Creative designed these business cards for Artschive, a contemporary wall art brand providing affordable and wide ranging original aesthetic wall art designs located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Artschive is a startup that produces affordable wall art and posters. Its brand name, Artschive, was formed by the combination of the word ‘art’ and ‘archive’. It was derived from the idea of having a collection of original artwork where anyone could browse and shop, like visiting an art gallery or museum.

“When developing the brand name and identity, each detail is looked into with progressive imaginative thinking that propels the brand with distinguished aesthetics impression in its products, brand collaterals and logo,” said Jacob Ng, the Art Director at A Paper Creative.

Artschive branding


Logo Design & Typography

The business card is designed to express a sleek, modern brand identity that extends the brand essence further by allowing a strong consistent look throughout the entire branding.

The most distinctive element on the business card is none other than the logo itself. The logotype is formed by a set of custom typefaces designed specifically for the brand that makes it look futuristically distinctive.

“The brand logo is an infusion of the small caps alphabet ‘a’ and a poster with a frame to bring a striking look to the logo.”

Artschive logoArtschive typography_2

Colour Palette

Artschive’s business card design upholds the brand’s flair in execution by allowing individuals to choose different sets of colour combos and matching it with the upper or bottom part of the alphabet ‘a’ which is split in half on the flipside creating a visually interesting pattern.

“Muted tertiary pop colours is the choice for the brand to make a statement and at the same time avoid colour clashes when used or featured alongside imagery, posters or other designs and layouts.”

Artschive colour scheme


“To better communicate with consumers and striking a balance between a mature and friendly brand appeal, we created delightful illustrated imagery and compositions that feature geometric shapes that adopts the brand colours for a strong consistent look in support to the various mediums that it will be featured on.”

Overall, this is a creative business card design with clever use of colour combinations and a custom typeface to leave a lasting impression!


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Artschive business cardsArtschive stationeryArtschive digital mediaArtschive signs

Artschive t-shirtArtschive branding1Artschive brand applicationsArtschive branding2

Designed by XueTing Yong at A Paper Creative

Art Direction by CheeHaw Choong/Jacob Ng

For Artschive

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