Amira Shawarma Business Card

Amira Shawarma business card

Felipe Holman designed these business cards for Amira Shawarma, a food truck focused on shawarma and kebab run only by women based in Pelotas, Brazil.

Shawarma and kebab are classic street-food, meat dishes in Middle Eastern cuisine. The idea of the branding was to be a shawarma cart that had a different look from the competitors and get the attention of the target audience, since both the concept and the visual identity always refer to its region of origin.

Amira Shawarma stationery


“The client asked for a retro style for the business identity but at the same time contemporary. For that reason, the typography and illustrations were inspired by the aesthetic of the 60’s / 70’s,” Felipe said.

The design inspiration was from the casualness of everyday life. Apart from using a simple, typographic logo for the brand name, Felipe also included illustration of two cartoon characters for a stronger image, helping the brand gets closer to its customers.

Amira Shawarma packaging designAmira Shawarma cups
“The pastel colour tones helped us to bring more of this retro vibe and more authenticity to the project,” he said.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Felipe envisioned them to be, “The idea for the card-printing is to use offset paper to give a little more of the retro style to the brand and spot UV to pop some details.”

Amira Shawarma business card

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Amira Shawarma posters

Designed by Felipe Holman

For Amira Shawarma

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