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Aly Iringan Business Cards_Stacked

Aly Iringan designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines.

Aly wanted to create her visual identity based on her personal style: minimal and meticulous balanced with being vibrant and imaginative.

“At the peak of the pandemic, we couldn’t come home due to lockdown restrictions. After what felt like forever, we finally went home to our hometown, Tuguegarao City, and was a literal breath of fresh air from the crowded Metro Manila,” Aly said.

“I made this personal branding project during my stay back at home, and the design drew heavy inspiration from the lush greenery and sunny scenery of Tuguegarao. In a way, it was like imparting my roots in this project and a piece of home, so making this was close to my heart.”

Aly Iringan business cards

Aly Iringan Inspo

Typography and Colour Palette

The business card design is minimal yet so stylish and elegant. The logotype is a catchy one against the lovely gradient background.

“The typeface used in my logo is the Gallery Modern font. I was in the lookout for a serif font that spoke out to my personality, and the letter ‘a’ of the Gallery Modern font stood out to me – with its smooth and elegant curves balanced with looking modern.”

“The negative space of its letter ‘a’ allowed me to play with my idea of fusing my initials of A + I, and the addition of dot in it completed the final logotype.”

Other typography used on the business card including Bon Foyage (primary typeface/header) and Open Sans (secondary typeface/body), with the former subtly unique & elegant while the latter, clean, amiable & definite.

Aly Iringan_typographyAly Iringan_colour palette


Instead of a solid colour, Aly opted to use gradient for the card’s background. It adds depth and offers a fresh perspective to the overall design. The colours are fresh to the eyes, and it was actually inspired by the flora of Aly’s frontyard.

“The colour palette mixed together is like a tropical punch, an island refreshment of warm and vivid colours much like the Philippines’ climate!”

These business cards were printed by a local printing company.

“Unfortunately, the colours turned out dull thus making the texts unreadable. Therefore, the next time the cards would be printed, it would be nice for the logotype to be embossed!” Aly suggested.

Aly Iringan Business Cards_scatteredAly Iringan Stationery-Set

Designed by Aly Iringan

For Aly Iringan personal branding

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