Alium Art Gallery Business Card

Alium business card

Studio8585 designed these business cards for Alium, a multifaceted art gallery that blurs the lines between art, design and interiors. It is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Alium showcases a curated selection of rotating original artworks and unique objects, delves deeper into the story of the pieces and the artists behind them, and breaks down the barriers between home living and conceptual artistry.

Alium branding

Alium business card_back

The brand name, Alium, was originated from Latin word, which means ‘different’ or ‘unlike others’ in English. Studio8585 worked with and espoused that hybrid nature of the art gallery’s concept, from the name to the brand strategy, visual identity and various applications.

Studio8585 designed Alium’s brand identity by employing simplicity and tactility, rooted in the craftsmanship in interiors and art.

“The natural colour palette, materials and obsessive attention to detail reflect the brand’s timeless approach. That is coupled with poetic use of typography, artworks and print production, emphasising the importance of aesthetics for the quality of living,” said Benja Pavlin, the Graphic Designer at Studio8585.

The typeface used on the Alium business card is called Schnyder Wide.

Alium business cards_3


These business cards were detailed with black foil print on the uniquely textured Accento Fresco Creme 350gsm by GF Smith.

“Its distinctive pattern replicates the beautiful surface of the great Italian mural paintings, expressing the brand’s invitation to craftsmanship and its curatorial approach,” Benja added.

Other business card specifications are as follows:

Front side (contact info): 1/0 black foil

Reverse side: logo 1/0 black foil

Alium business card3Alium business card2Alium business cards2Alium business card3

Alium business card_frontAlium stationeryAlium business cards

Designed by Studio8585

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Art Direction by Mario Depicolzuane

For Alium

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