Alchemy Talent Consulting Business Card

Jennifer Pace Duran designed these business cards for Alchemy Talent Consulting, a company which believes that humanity and good business go hand-in-hand.

Alchemy Talent Consulting was founded by Jesyka Simpson, who approached Jennifer for the branding project. The idea was to create a brand that reflects an inspirational and compassionate brand.

The logo is an eye-catching san serif typeface of an alphabet ‘A’, added with some magical flair. The patterns on the back of the cards are creatively selected to fit the brand’s overall design objective as well.

“Alchemy helps leaders to build a work ecosystem where people thrive and become better employees. The modern brand design combined with a muted color palette gives the brand a fresh feel,” Jennifer said. “This is seen in the business card designs with the use of patterns and modern type layout – making them feel unique and special with little magical touches.”

These beautiful business cards were printed by MOO, with its ability to print multiple back designs. All in all, a trendy, magical design that makes a lasting impression!

Designed by Jennifer Pace Duran at Pace Creative Design Studio

Printed by MOO

For Alchemy Talent Consulting

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