AKI-TO Hotels Business Card

AKI-TO Hotels Business Card

Tina Homewood designed these business cards for a new luxury Scandinavian hotel named AKI-TO.

A lot of Tina’s design inspiration came from the architectural structure and shapes used within the building’s design.

“The focus of this project was to heavily feature the architecture in the branding work,” Tina said.

“Using the geometric shapes of the hotel’s structure and the colour palette of architectural blueprints, I was able to create something that looked clean, modern and Scandinavian.”

The building’s main feature – the triangular shapes – were reused and been adapted through repetition, subsequently created a line art that appears complex yet artistic, blends in perfectly with the brand colours.

While the front design remains minimal with the necessary contact information, Tina actually created other back designs for AKI-TO, and different colours as well!


When it comes to card-printing, Tina used thick uncoated cardstock with gold-foil embossing to add to the luxury feel of the brand.

A strong, dynamic business card design that’s memorable and with a modern feel!


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Designed by Tina Homewood

Printed by Printed

For AKI-TO Hotels

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