AGA Agency Business Card

Aga Agency business cards

Ksenia Valdman designed these business cards for AGA, a branding agency based in Russia.

AGA is an agency that works with both large companies and small family businesses to help create unique brands with a recognizable visual and verbal identity. Therefore, it’s important for AGA to have a distinct visual identity as well while representing its company.

The business card design is a creative one with illustration and red edges. It is designed to portray the agency’s bold yet friendly character.

Aga Agency business card10

Aga Agency business card12

As the art director and owner of the agency, Ksenia included her own self-portrait into the business card design to make it memorable and stand out from the crowd.

“I have quite a prominent nose and bobbed hair. I think a self-portrait will make the card easier to recognize,” she said.

Speaking of her design inspiration, Ksenia continued, “When I developed the corporate style of the agency, I needed vivid colours. I was inspired by the Matisse Chapel of the Rosary – I loved its blue colour!”

Aga Agency business card11

“I think a business card should be unique or you just don’t need it. So, a remarkable typography is a must for the design. For my cards, I used the TT Firs Neue font family.”

These letterpress business cards were printed by Old Letter, a printing workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“The cards were printed on cotton paper with lamination (2 sheets of 50gr paper were glued together after printing) and coloured edges,” Ksenia said.


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Aga Agency business card6

Aga Agency business card7Aga Agency business card9Aga Agency business card4Aga Agency business card3
Aga Agency business card5

Designed by Ksenia Valdman at AGA Agency

Printed by Old Letter

Photographs by Daniil Zherdev

For AGA Agency

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