6 Effect Public Relations Business Card

6 Effect public relations business cards

Hue Studio designed these business cards for 6 Effect, a public relations agency focused on property development.

These business cards use the puzzle/connecting style which enables the front and back of the card to be combined to form the brand’s symbol.

It’s an out-of-the-box approach to making the card memorable for the card recipient.


The Brand Image

The company works on a wide range of projects, such as volume townhouses, multi-level residential buildings, and commercial ventures.

Hue Studio was tasked with creating a dynamic branding identity that’s both distinctive and impactful.

“The client needed a brand identity that’s young and bold that relates to their young Australian market as well as Asian/Chinese market,” said Vian Risanto, the creative director of Hue Studio.



Logo Design

The brand name, 6 Effect, was chosen due to the parent company, Hexa Group, having a few subsidiaries, including 6Homes and 6 Effects.

“Each of 6 Effects client is unique with their own character,” Vian remarked.

“With that concept in mind, we created an adaptable ‘6’ branding that is tailored to their client’s brand, culture and goals.”

6 Effect public relations logos


Typography and Colour Palette

The main typeface used in the visual identity is Wotfard.

“It’s a clean and contemporary geometric sans-serif with a bold face to add unique characteristics for the brand,” Vian commented.

There are six colour variations for the business cards, all chosen based on the client’s characteristics mentioned earlier.


The Printing of Business Cards

The client had these business cards printed overseas.

According to Vian, they were offset printed in 4 colours on both sides.

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“The cards were letterpress-printed on Stephen Gesso White 360gsm card,” he added.

All in all, this is a revolutionary business card design that’s adaptable to their target market and stands out from competitors.


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Designed by Hue Studio

For 6 Effects

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