18 Digital Business Card

Pedro Paulino designed these business cards for 18 Digital, an information technology company in São Paulo, Brazil.

The client, André, was a good friend of Pedro’s. According to Pedro, it was an enjoyable experience for both parties during the designing process. Speaking of his client, “18 Digital is a company that thinks web, made of pixels. Even so, they don’t want to lose the ‘handmade’ touch in its institutional material, showing that without the man behind, the tool machine is nothing.”

“The logo was created from the look of older digital numbers and stylized with a simple and geometric trace. We used part of the number 8 to form the digital word, as if the number ‘18’ was raised and combined with the word ‘Digital’. The mix of colours demonstrates the seriousness with serenity, important elements for projects that 18 develops,” Pedro explained.

These business cards were printed by Alvaro Sala of Sala de Serigrafia via serigraphy printing technique on heavy paper, Horlee Black, 2×2 colours with rounded corners on four sides… and that’s not all.

“We also did the press stamp (seal) on the card,” Pedro added.

This is actually a practical and elegant way to showcase their brand – although ‘digital’ yet with a human touch. “It’s a brand with feelings and intelligence behind the process,” Pedro added.

Designed by Pedro Paulino

Printed by Sala de Serigrafia

For 18 Digital

Business Card Printing
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