Bunnies Bakery business cards

Bunnies Bakery Business Card

Kat Design designed these business cards for Bunnies Bakery, a bakery and café concept inspired by Korean cafes.

These business cards are super adorable, with a bunny mascot occupies a significant portion of the card, exuding a lovely and welcoming vibe.

Explaining the concept behind the branding, Kat said, “Bunnies Bakery specializes in bunny shaped buns, pastries, cakes, and cookies, along with a variety of coffee, lattes, matcha, and tea.”

“I envisioned this brand to resonate with clients due to its unique feel and design.”


Lovely and Welcoming Brand Image

Bunnies Bakery’s brand image revolves around a cute, simple, and recognizable bunny character.

Also, Kat has cleverly incorporated a loyalty card on the back, making this a unique multipurpose business card!

She elaborated, “The business cards were designed with a large logo on one side, while the stamp card features an outline of the bunny logo,” Kat said.

“This friendly character can easily be incorporated into many different bakery designs, such as cookies and bakery items.”


Bunny Mascot and Illustrations

As for the brand’s mascot, it was only natural to choose a bunny, given the brand name.

However, Kat made it exceptionally cute that it’s impossible not to smile when looking at it.

Kat explained that the bunny logo is designed to look squishy, resembling dough or marshmallow toppings on a cake.

Furthermore, its position at the angle on the business card creates a sense of motion. As Kat describes it, “To make it look like it’s hopping!”

Bunnies Bakery packaging design


Bold Typography

The typefaces used on the business card design are Genty and Freude.

Kat chose a script font with a thick base to resemble icing on a cake, while the second font complements the organic look of icing, giving it a friendly feel.

To personalize the brand further, Kat included a flower shape for the dot in the letter “I,” resembling the bunny’s cotton tail or the shape of icing decoration.

This adds a cute touch to the logotype and subtly incorporates the bunny character into it as well!


Soft Colour Palette

The brand colours consist of only three, aiming for a clean and simple aesthetic

The front showcases light pink as the primary brand colour, with an off-white colour for the logo and text, creating a clean look.

On the contact info side, the colours are reversed, using a bright red/orange colour for the text.

That way, it highlights the rewards program while adding more contrast to the design as well.


Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to printing, Kat suggested using 380gsm soft touch paper with a thickness of 18pt.

She mentioned, “The bunny logo should be embossed to give it a textured feel.”

The business cards feature double-sided printing, with the stamp card providing customers with a loyalty program to collect rewards and encourage repeat visits to the bakery.”


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Designed by Kat Design

For Bunnies Bakery

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