8 Essential Steps to Design Your Best Business Card Yet

As a designer, you know it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Which means you’re aware of all the cool business card options out there-like awesome imprint methods, die-cuts, and manufacturing materials.
But sometimes, having so much information can cause a different design problem: analysis paralysis. When you’re completely overloaded with choices, you reach a point where you can’t choose anything at all.

That’s doubly true with business cards, because you’re trying to work lots of details into a small space. For instance, do you shape your card like a mini product, or do you print a photo of your product on it? If you use a photo, where does the contact info go? Maybe you can cut some info out-but what do you get rid of? When it comes to business card design, every decision you make seems to create a new issue.
This great resource from Company Folders is designed to help you combat that problem. It will teach you how to create the best business card for your brand. You’ll find great advice like:
  • Which contact info to choose (you need less than you think)
  • How imagery can create (and reshape) clients’ perceptions of your brand
  • How to avoid the layout and formatting mistakes you’ve been making all along
Read on to discover the answers to these and other crucial business card questions.

Business Card Printing
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