3 Business Card Trends in 2017 To Look Out For

What makes a successful business card design? The fundamental purpose of a business card is spreading the word about your business and giving contact information to interested persons. No matter how well-designed a card can be, it needs to serve its purpose as a functional personal marketing tool.

In the last years, we have seen. Many companies have realised that this hard printed medium can be a part of their branding process and is a vital first look at a piece of the design from the company from many partners and customers.

That’s why we have seen companies working with new shapes and materials with a focus on high quality. You can still buy 500 business cards for 3.99 but then it’s also just a piece of paper with your name on. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we are seeing from designers and some examples.


Different Materials


Business cards are normally printed on 250 gsm paper or maybe 300 if it’s a premium card. But there are many other materials that can be used for business cards or on them. Maybe you only hand out 10-20 cards each year, then why not get something special made. If you produce furniture, why not make the card in wood? If you are manufacturing something related to steel, why not getting it done in that? Here we see a plastic card with print on so the surface looks and feels like small bricks. It could also be a foil on top of a card to get the structure you want.

Die Cuts

So far, the 3″ x 2,5″ rectangular shape have been dominating the scene for business cards. This shape lets you put it in your wallet like a credit card and give a good space to fill in the company information. However, looking from a designers point of view this makes all cards look like the same and a different shape is an easy way to make a card stand out. In the recent years, there have been more off the shelves shapes to choose from with rounded corners, round business cards, and more rectangular sizes. But if you really want to stand out, then get a die cut business card with your own shape.

Focus on Quality

When you are handing out a business card, you are essentially in the process of converting the recipient into a customer or keeping him as a customer. A business card is a tool that will help you with reminding the customer of you and make sure they know how to get in touch with you. Most people only hand out 20-50 cards each year, which is why the big normal case with 500 cards will last for many years. Instead, you could buy 100 for each employee and make sure it will impress the clients. Use some extra money on greater thickness, printing technologies, and the design process. It helps convert more people into happy customers which is essential for your business.

Business Card Printing
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