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Beluga Clothing Business Card

Farrel Nobel designed these business cards for Beluga, a clothing brand of summer vacation essentials for ladies.

The client contacted Farrel and wanted to create a fashion brand selling women’s clothes.

“She wanted the direction to be fun but not too friendly. It had to be more like a girls-only-vacation kind of vibe,” Farrel said.

The logo and brand identity were designed in a way to reflect a warm, sunny and carefree atmosphere – something that associates with the brand’s values.


Typography and Colour Palette

Both Farrel and his client agreed on a simple mark to keep the focus on the products instead.

A classy and elegant font was paired with a popular modern sans serif font, Futura, to bring out that feminine fashion vibe.

A few colour variants were created for the business cards.

The brand colours were carefully chosen to reflect the sandy beach paired with the vibrant pastel pink of the chic beach houses.

The overall business card design revolves around the themes of oceans, beaches and travels.

Beluga card_front


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Printerous.

Speaking of his paper choice for the print, Farrel said, “I wanted something that felt a bit more premium since fashion brands have a very big impact visually-speaking to consumers, more so than other kinds of businesses.”

“Therefore, I suggested a 250 gr textured Rives paper.”

All in all, it’s a creative business card design that exudes classy, feminine fashion vibe!

Beluga Business CardsBeluga clothing business card_2Beluga branding_tags

Designed by Farrel Nobel

Printed by Printerous

For Beluga Clothing

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