Barefood Giulia business card

Barefood Giulia Bar/Hotel Business Card

Eskader designed these business cards for Barefood Giulia, a colourful bar and boutique hotel housing seven luxurious and exclusive rooms. It is located in the heart of Hasselt, Belgium.

Barefood Giulia, is the shortened name for both Barefood Bar and Giulia Hotel. Together, they form a clever word play that’s both witty and memorable!

“For the brand name, the word ‘BARE’ stands for honest, no-nonsense drinks and food, served in an eclectic and vibrant setting. As for “GIULIA”, it refers to the elegant style of the distinctive hotel rooms as well as the love for vintage Italian goods – food, wines, design, and of course, cars,” explained Fre Lemmens, the founder of Eskader.


Brand Image

The business card design has a clear contrast, not just with the red/green combo, but also the stark contrast between the typefaces used for the logotype – a bold display font vs. an elegant script.

Even the text arrangement on the contact details side has both vertical and horizontal layouts!

According to Fre, the idea is to represent the boutique hotel as a whole while expressing duality or contrast between the bar and the hotel. For instance, the icons/monogram on the business card show a foot for Barefood, and a kiss from lady Giulia.

“The entire branding has successfully express “More is More”, rather than Less is More, which is reflected in the excess of decoration, colours, patterns, materials etc.”

Barefood-Giulia-Business Card DetailBarefood Giulia business card_front

Typography & Colour Palette

Both the Barefood and Giulia typefaces are custom-designed, supported by Typold as the secondary typeface (designed by Jonathan Hill).

The colours used are dark racing green and a savoury bright red – PMS7484 / PMS185. They are a small nod to the client’s love for Italy, Italian cars and design.

“These two main colours are complemented by an extended colourful palette for the murals, stair runners, patterns, graphics etc., which refer to a 60s or 70s psychedelic influence,” Fre said.


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed on Racing Green and Vermillion Colorplan card stock by Gijsemberg, a local printing company. The cards were duplexed and foil printed with solid inks.

“The timing made us choose for a Multiloft stock with red inserts, offset printed with 2 Pantone inks, and blind embossing for that extra luxurious touch. The menu sheets are Colorplan folders, silkscreen printed in solid white,” Fre said.


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Barefood Giulia StationeryBarefood-Giulia-menuBarefood Giulia BookmarksBarefood-Giulia-Hotel-TagBarefood pinGiulia pinBarefood Giulia brandingBarefood-Giulia-Bar-MuralBarefood-Giulia-Mural-PatioBarefood Giulia carBarefood Giulia Facade

Designed by Fre Lemmens at Eskader

Printed by Gijsemberg

For Barefood Giulia

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