Alice Smith Graphic Designer Business Card

Alice Smith designed these business cards for her brand new business as a graphic designer.

“I want to help business owners in a more comprehensive way, not just drawing something for them and filling an order, but helping them solve a problem and grow their business in a way that makes sense with their market too. That is why I put “brand strategy” on the card as well.” Alice explained.

What was her inspiration when designing the logo?

“The logo design is what took me more time, but once that was done the card pretty much came together. I started as I would with any other client and made a moodboard of images and typography that spoke to me, that I wanted my brand to evoke.”

“I sketched the letterforms first in a sketchbook and then in Illustrator and paired it with a contrasting typeface. The letters I drew are high contrast for drama, but still feel classic and grounded. The letters are a little bit inspired by the look of stencils too to make it not overly feminine.”

These business cards were printed by MOO and according to Alice,

“These cards are printed with MOO’s “gold foil” on the soft touch 19 pt. paper. They call it gold foil, but I think it’s really just gold ink based on the price and the look.”

“It still gives the luxurious effect and the feel that I wanted. And since it is digitally printed, I chose 4 different back designs.”

Designed by Alice Smith

Printed by MOO

For Alice Smith personal-branding

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