Aghata Valendolf business cards

Aghata Valendolf Architect Business Card

Rafael Cardoso designed these business cards for Aghata Valendolf, an architect and interior designer based in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Aghata has been trained for 5 years and has always worked in another architect’s office but recently she had the opportunity to start promoting her brand with the office where she works, which led her to approach Rafael to create the brand identity.

“The architect shared the desire for a colour palette with earthy, grey, black and white tones,” Rafael said. “The biggest challenge of the project was to develop a simple, discreet and minimalist visual identity that, at the same time, had a striking personality and creativity, characteristics that the architect wants to convey through the brand and that still had both architecture and interior design elements.”

The Inspiration of the Logo Design

The idea behind the symbol was to represent the initial of the architect’s name and at the same time use geometric shapes that were part of the profession in a minimalist way.

“In the search for inspirations that were part of the universe of interior design and architecture, the Maria chair was chosen to be the biggest source of inspiration for the construction of the symbol.”

“The chair was designed by Brazilian designer Marcelo Ferraz and is a piece of furniture that combines a square and a circumscribed circle to form the seat and back, with straight and simple lines throughout its design,” Rafael explained.

Aghata Valendolf business card

The Colour Palette & Cut Out

The warm tones of Kraft paper were chosen to contrast with the shades of grey and black. The cutouts in circular shapes present in several points allude to the representation of door openings in floor plans, an element present in the daily life of an architect and interior design.

The combination of all these elements and concepts results in a modernist, simple symbol and with architecture and design at its core.

“The elements of Brazilian interior design, geometric shapes and straight lines (still incorporating minimalism, which is part of the work and lifestyle of an architect) contributed in creating a brand that conveys the values ​​that the client believes with visual elements that breathe modernity and design,” Rafael said.

The business card design comes in two versions: grey and brown. Both were applied with letterpress-printing technique on the front – on the client’s name/logo. A corner in a shape of a quarter of a circle was cut out for the brown business cards.

Aghata Valendolf_5Aghata Valendolf sign

Designed by Rafael Cardoso

For Aghata Valendolf

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